On February 16th, 2013, Olivia Be’ Nguyen, also known by her artist name “Fiyabomb” made her breakthrough by presenting her 9 foot high by 12 foot long painting of worldly-known rap artist, “Drake” at her first major gallery showcase in New Britain, Connecticut. The week before, Nguyen had streamed live the progress of the massive painting being done in one sitting of 10 hours, non-stop. Presenting the final piece behind a black curtain, in front of a crowd of 200 individuals, Nguyen celebrated her first success with her on-going drive as an artist on her actual birthday. She had just turned 23. Nguyen became popularly known in May of 2012 when she gained recognition for creating massive masterpieces of Big Sean and Rick Ross, both Rap artists paying her respect for their honor of her work of them. With her celebrity encounters and her social media blog suspense of keeping her followers at their seats, Nguyen began building a loyal fan-base of intrigued followers encouraging them to stay positive and to follow what they love to do.


The “All of the Lights” Gallery showcased more than 50 portraits of celebrity artists that inspired Nguyen directly. She chose them by emotionally relating to them on an inclined artistic level of artistry for her paintings and creations. This particular gallery was held in the gymnasium of the college, allowing spacious room for the unveiling of her 16 foot “Beyonce” as well as her 9x12 foot long “OVO” piece of Drake. All age groups of diverse backgrounds gathered around to network and meet each other in their creative costumes as Nguyen shared her powerful speech on how “Fiyabomb” came to be. Selling pieces left and right, taking photos with her fans and followers, and encouraging aspiring artists to keep their dream alive, Central Connecticut State University honorably profiled the artist as successful alumni.


Dedicated to the young and free spirited individuals of this generation, Nguyen decided to express the sexual human nature of everyday relationships of couples and singles through sexual art. With the most popular book and film of dominance releasing, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, Nguyen inspired, went straight ahead and named her sex gallery with the same concept using her staged artist name. With more than 30 masterpieces, each sharing tasteful and explicit depth of sexual rawness, along with her sexy body painted models, and raffling off free original masterpieces to locals and perspective collectors; Nguyen hit a homerun with her first profited gallery. She surprised everyone with announcing her relocation to Atlanta during her bittersweet speech of her renown success being in CT and moving on to a major city expanding her artistry and brand.


Before her relocation to Atlanta, Georgia to begin her new journey, Nguyen presented her last gallery in Hartford, Connecticut at The Dirt Salon, displaying every piece she has ever made, of all of her collections, prior to the gallery. She drew massive attention to her larger scale pieces which included a hand-painted,  16 foot high, 12 foot long, bee hive of “Beyonce” as well as catching the audience with her funky colored furniture, cartoon network themed characters, and photo-capturing art creations made to take everlasting pictures in front of. Creative individuals from all along the east coast have traveled to make their way to her captivating shows to meet the intriguing artist behind all the beautiful work. Many have left her galleries feeling more inspired than ever and encouraged to do the same and follow their own dreams in route that they will too, pursue their passion.


Based off of her true life experiences and emotions towards intimate relationships with past loves and feelings towards being an everyday woman, Nguyen shares with her audience her yearn but patient paintings of how she aspires to meet the future love of her life. Without a clue as to who the lucky man will be, she paints all her feelings for this wondrous man informing him who she is as a person, a woman, and an artist. She expresses her flaws along with her insecurities and embraces her growth and acceptance in her lesson learned from her past mistakes. In a diary-like form, Nguyen decided to begin her first book entitled, “Dear Mr. Sooner or Later,” with each entry being a painting dedicated to her future love, detailing him something about herself, along with them finding each other in the near future. 

Nguyen began her DMSOL Art Tour with her first show in her hometown, Hartford, Connecticut on 

November 28th, 2016. Below are the tour dates for her future upcoming DMSOL shows.

The Dirt Salon – Hartford, CT – November 28th, 2015 - Audience Capacity: 200+

Wynwood Walls – Miami, FL – December 4th-6th, 2015

Apache Cafe - Atlanta, GA – January 23rd, 2016

New York, NY – May 28, 2016

Los Angeles, CA – June 18th, 2016

Nguyen will be releasing her finalized published DMSOL book late summer of 2016.