Behind the Canvas

Olivia Be' Nguyen, whom also goes by the name of "Fiyabomb" is a 28 year old, Vietnamese self-taught Pop Artist born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in Hartford, Connecticut. With a signature style of out-standing colors and solid consistency, Nguyen began branding herself in the art industry by selling her artwork and hosting "one of a kind" galleries. As an artistic feminist, speaking and educating women through her paintings and words through social media and in person has caught the attention of several supporters nationwide. Nguyen's galleries capacity has sold out and filled more than 400 attendees with paintings standing anywhere from a foot tall to her recent 16 foot tall painting of Beyonce. For mainly being active on her Instagram, Nguyen has created soul-touching relative pieces that has kept her audience tuned in and coming back for more. With almost 27,000 social media followers, Nguyen begins to build her empire of loyal fans, dedicated followers and highly respected and favored clientele. Receiving acknowledgement from celebrities such as Big Sean, Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, 50 cent, Spike Lee and countless more, Nguyen has used her social media as a personal gain to inspire individuals across the world. Nguyen's main focus in her paintings are actual life-countered experiences that she personally decided to share with the world, especially women. Several of her paintings are dedicated to women empowerment and self-love and self-reflection. From a broke college student, to a college graduate working at a nail salon, Nguyen has paved the way for herself and many other younger aspired artists whom desire to share the same life-long passionate dream of creating. Olivia "Fiyabomb" Nguyen currently resides in New Britain, CT expanding her vibrant artistry still.